We’ve all heard of Feng Shui and how it can affect the flow and feel of a space, but what about in the bedroom and how it can affect your health and even intimacy?  Did you know that pretty mirror on your bedroom wall could cause restless sleep or you and your partner to fight?  According to the ancient Chinese method of Feng Shui, there are important rules to keep in mind to promote positive rest, relationships and energy.  Here is a quick guideline from Dawn Rosenmayr’s Feng Shui master, Jennifer Bonetto of Real Feng Shui Solutions.


  1. Mirrors:  Cover them up during intimacy and sleeping.  They can cause couples to fight, restless sleep and bring an unwanted third party or affair.
  2. Headboard:  Solid and high is the key and preferably made from wood.  The bigger the better but of course keeping it in proportion to the size of the bedroom.  The right headboard is good for overall support in life, including career support, and is also helpful for relationship and intimate encounters.
  3. Water Features:  Ok, so maybe it’s just that annoying leaky faucet, but the bedroom should be free of any water features or water noise.  It is disruptive to our physical bodies and can indicate affairs and negatively affect a couple’s relationship.
  4. Overhead Beams:  Not only are beams unfavorable in the bedroom but the direction, number and where they land on the body can cause issues.  Vertical beams directly over a couple while lying in bed that splits down the middle of them during sleep indicates the couple breaking up.  Beams horizontal across the body and where they land on the body indicate the meridian that will be affected.  For example, if they are over your head and stomach, you may be more prone to issues with digestion, headaches and reproductive organs.
  5. Bed Placement:  Sleeping direction is important and should always be factored in because this can affect all aspects of health, wealth and relationships positively or negatively.  Check this link to see what your good positions are.  Keep in mind that even if your bed placement is based on one of your four good directions, if your feet are pointing to a long hallway or the door is adjacent to your bed, close the door at night to avoid chi or energy from disturbing your sleep.
  6. Color Palate:  Always have soothing colors and be free of any bright colors or loud wallpaper that are too taxing on the system when the body is trying to rest.  Color has been scientifically proven to negatively or positively affect the central nervous system.
  7. Electronics:  If you choose to have a television, computer or stereo in the bedroom, it is best to cover these up during times of rest.  Electronics emit electromagnetics fields and these emissions can affect your central nervous system over time.
  8. Spiritual Deities or Family Pictures:  Spiritual deities that you consider sacred should not be in the same are where you are intimate.  The same goes for family pictures.  It’s very unromantic to be intimate with your partner and then suddenly catch a glimpse of a picture of your parents or children across the room.
  9. Shelving Above the Bed:  Shelving units or cabinets above the bed is not only unsafe but it’s too oppressive, energetically, and can disrupt your sleep when you’re trying to rest.
  10. Skylights Above the Bed:  During sleep the body is in a continual renewal process and the most important time for repair is between the hours of 10pm-2am.  The light coming through the skylight is cold chi and can force your life-force energy to flow upward, which is not conducive to the repairing process.  It can also negatively impact your sex drive.  If you have a skylight in the bedroom just make sure to cover it up at night.