In my Architectural practice Dawn is one of the most creative interior designers I have worked with.  Dawn and I have worked together for several  years.  She has a rare artistic sensitivity coupled with appropriate practicality.  Her choices of unusual FF&E always surprise me.  The spaces her interior design has created can be described as magnetic and breathtakingly satisfying.  She has an unusually skilled color sensibility and her combinations of color texture and finish are skilled and effective.  She is fun to work with – lively and positively caring – beauty creating beauty.

Kevin M Canes

KMC Design

I’ve worked with several interior designers over the years and Dawn is easily the best. She’s fantastic with colors, she’s got great design sense and she knows how to keep within a budget. Most importantly, she listens and questions until she knows what you LOVE, and then she goes and finds it.

John Rough

Santa Ana, CA

Dawn did and incredible job decorating our living room, family room and master bedroom and bath. She can see the big picture and capture not only the look that can be achieved but also the feeling. We love our house thanks to Dawn.


Marin County, CA

Dawn has such a wonderful eye for color and design. She designed an entire palette of color in the most exquisite fabrics for our living room. Dawn was lovely to work with. The entire process from start to finish was seamless!!!

Parky Devogelaere

Los Angeles, CA

Dawn has that rare combination and ability to coordinate classic design elements with a contemporary, modern flair. Whether it’s a high end holiday home entry or entire home, Dawn’s sense of style brings the kind of class and sophistication that you would find if you were reading the latest issue of Architectural Digest. This same design style Dawn has also been able to translate for clients in commercial and office settings also. Much of her style and design sense comes from her extensive studies and travels both in the US and abroad. It is her knowledge and focus on a healthy lifestyle including diet and exercise that also influences much of her work and life. I would strongly recommend Dawn if you are considering either interior design or a lifestyle makeover.

Chip Leakas

Newport, RI

When I met Dawn, she was an energetic and successful real estate agent. Over the past 20 years, I’ve seen her hone skills in interior design, health & well-being, athletics, metaphysics and just down right FUN stuff! Don’t let her goofiness fool you…she’s a PRO! Just invite her to light up your life. Dawn’s multi-faceted talents meld all aspects of one’s life into a hip, organic experience! Love you, Dawn!

Pamela Hershey, CPA

Las Vegas, NV

Dawn has exceptional taste in home interior design and fashion. She has provided me exceptional guidance in interior design; and has been fun to work with on fashion excursions.

Grace Pyter

Barrington, IL

Dawn, You did such a terrific job designing the interior of my new dream home, it is just what I envisioned. Also, being able to come in under budget was greatly appreciated. I also appreciate you referring me a great landscaper, the entire project went with out a hitch. I have a close friend that will be calling in need of a house makeover.

Paul Barelt

NFL Official, Newport Beach, CA

Dawn is awesome. She has a great eye and can put things together you could never imagine. She was able to source pure silk drapes in triple volume for 1/2 what I was quoted from another designer AND she was able to get a chaise lounge in my bedroom recovered for nearly nothing compared to what other designers said could be done. I got terrific quality for 1/2 the price and twice the product in 1/2 the time. The lounge recovering only took 2 weeks from her custom source. People that saw my bedroom said they thought I paid thousands more for what I got.

C. M.

Brentwood, CA

Dawn has an incredible eye for elegant and functional design. I am constantly impressed with how she can transform a home from any other house on the block to something out of a page of a design magazine. Her vivacious personality, attention to detail, and ability to work with her client’s tastes and needs make her a stand alone in California interior design.

Kate Casey

I find writing a testimonial for you quite easy and a pleasure. You have helped me at my home several times with holiday decorating, Christmas and Thanksgiving, and my home has always looked fabulous. You have helped me with other clients as well. Design work in homes and condos, decorating at holidays. These clients have enjoyed you energy , talents and a gifted sense of taste you can offer. I look forward to the time we can work together again and wish you the best with future projects.

Ken Arthur

Owner, Arthur Construction

Dawn! If you want honesty she is the one. She is so tactful about this trait and is not a yes me kind of girl. You got it, thats what makes her Hip. One more thing about her what with so much knowledge she retains her innocence. The Child is still alive which makes her so fun.

Donna Shine

Mt. Shasta, CA

I’m Dawn’s mom. Dawn has decorated almost all rooms in our home and I love everything she has done. Of course I think she is the best of the best . What a talent. Her creative juices flow in everything she does. I am so proud of all of her accomplishments.

Carroll Rosenmayr

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